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As a representative of Burger Boat Company, this position creates and promotes a quality culture. This role builds quality into internal/external processes and through associate training sessions. The Quality Assurance Administrator is responsible for creating and maintaining quality assurance documents as well as monitoring and inspecting installations during construction.


  • Classification Society Interface – schedule surveyor as build progresses for structural inspections, operational tests at dock and sea trials. Provide Surveyor with material and equipment certificates as required. Accurately record and disseminate survey results to appropriate company personnel for corrective action. Follow up on “Open Surveyor” issues for resolution. Accompany surveyor to vendor sites for specification compliance.
  • Welder Qualification – Monitor production welder qualification requirements and ensure documentation is completed. Review new Welding Procedure Specifications and coordinate Class approval.
  • Material Certification – verify materials used in production have required documentation. Coordinate the testing and Class approval for certification.
  • Calibration and Test Equipment – Inventory and monitor TMDE (Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment) for current calibration and maintain associated records. Determine new TMDE requirements and process purchase requisitions.
  • Vessel QA Inspections – Perform daily in-progress inspections of trade work, resolve improper workmanship issues with appropriate Department Manager, and provide feedback. Document inspections and provide on-the-spot training.
  • Hydrostatic and Tank Testing – Monitor testing performed, provide technical support, ensure testing is accurately documented and witnessed by Class as required. Develop and implement procedures and documents for recording testing.
  • Vendor Issues – Develop vendor expectation documents. Document discrepancies and provide input to Purchasing Department to resolve Vendor issues for items not meeting specifications or quality standards.
  • Procedures – draft quality procedures and checklists and be a resource for review of Production authored procedures.
  • Construction, Dock, and Sea Trials – Monitor and inspect during system commissioning, with approval of the Boat Manager, schedule and observe class certification testing, follow-up on open issues and document testing status.
  • Training – Initiate training sessions to ensure quality is built into processes.


This position reports directly to the Vice President of Engineering. This position has no direct reports.


Exercise judgment consistent with Burger’s mission, vision, and code of business conduct regularly and continuously. Exercise administrative judgment on a regular and continuous basis and assume responsibility for decisions, consequences, and results having an impact on people, progress, and quality of service within the company. This position has the authority to stop a process that does not conform to Burger’s quality standards and/or presents a safety hazard.


Must possess excellent communication, organizational, analytical, and written skills, including the ability to listen, talk, and teach. Possess the ability to communicate verbally and in writing positively and effectively with employees, co-workers, suppliers, and vendors. Demonstrate an all-pervasive positive attitude.


Bachelor’s degree in business, engineering, or related field is preferred.


  • ASQ Certification preferred.
  • Two years or more experience within the mechanical/shipbuilding/construction industry beneficial.
  • Must comply with all shipyard safety rules, including wearing all required Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Ensure all clients, guests/visitors, and vendors understand and comply with all safety rules, including wearing all required Personal Protective Equipment while on any Burger premises.


This position requires the ability to tolerate the motions induced during sea trials. Must be physically able to handle all physical requirements of maintaining buildings and equipment which includes, but is not limited to, repeated bending, stretching, twisting and periodic lifting of 25 pounds. Must have full control and use of all limbs and the ability to climb stairs and ladders and must have the ability to stand for extended periods of time over the course of the shift.


This description is a general statement of required major duties and responsibilities performed on a regular and continuous basis. It does not exclude other duties as assigned.

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