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Job Description

Pipefitters are expected to do all piping related functions associated with boat building. This includes but is not limited to building and/or installing systems such as: fresh water, salt water, black water, gray water, bilge and deck drainage, finish plumbing, HVAC and any other systems during the entire construction phase and any jobs as may be requested by the owners at the time of delivery. They must be able to test, troubleshoot and repair any plumbing related systems.

Required Skills and Knowledge

Must be able to work comfortably with copper, PVC, aluminum, Copper Nickel, stainless tubing as well as expensive materials such as: sinks, faucets, showers, toilets, insulation materials, adhesives, assorted fasteners, hardware, various appliances and pieces of equipment commonly used in luxury yachts and commercial vessels. Must have the ability to safely and properly operate equipment such as: table saw, band saw, drill press, and an assortment of hand and power tools and such other tools required in the pipefitting trade.

High school or technical school diploma preferred. Must have demonstrated ability to read blueprints, perform basic measurements, and operate typical tools used in the pipefitting profession.

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