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Mechanics are expected to work on all mechanical systems associated with boat building.  This includes, but is not limited to installing, aligning and commissioning propulsion, anchoring, pipe fitting, plumbing, fuel, hydraulic and stabilization systems, as well as control, HVAC, navigation and electrical systems.  The candidate must also be able to test, troubleshoot and repair mechanical systems on new construction and boat and yacht repair projects.

Required Skills and Knowledge

Candidates must have advanced skills in at least one area of the Mechanical department – Equipment installer, Journeyman Pipe Fitter, HVAC system fabricator/installer, Electrical and while not expected to be a certified Diesel Engine Mechanic, knowledge and experience working around engine installations and operations are relevant and preferred. Journeyman status, an Associate degree in a related field or a minimum of four years’ experience in a related field is required. Candidates with experience in a marine environment preferred.

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