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The CNC Programmer Operator will receive AutoCAD 2D drawings and Rino 3D models from the Engineering department to program custom parts for a Buselatto Jet 5. This will be done utilizing MasterCAM software. Having an understanding of the basics of AutoCAD, Rino, MasterCAM, Albatross, and Control Editor is preferred. This position requires a high level of attention to detail and quality production to ensure the customer is receiving a high-end product within a timely manner.


  • Convert AutoCAD and Rino files to MasterCAM files for CNC programming operations
  • Be able to export, read, and modify CNC code
  • Work closely and communicate with the Engineering department to best understand what is being created
  • Work closely and communicate with the Joinery department to best understand what is being requested for production
  • Read and understand AutoCAD drawings and Rino 3D models
  • Budget hours and prioritize projects on a flexible schedule
  • Be comfortable working with a wide range of materials (Woods, Plastics, Metals)
  • Be able to set up materials on CNC bed utilizing jigs, clamping mechanisms, and spoil boards as needed
  • Inspect and clean parts as they come off the machine for quality and accuracy
  • Be able to look at materials provided and adjust programs to best nest parts for least drop and/or land parts in specific locations for best quality
  • Change tooling, drills, and saws in CNC when needed
  • Perform basic maintenance on machine: Resurfacing bed, Greasing, Oiling, Dust collection removal, and keeping the work area clean
  • Produce work that is accurate, of the required quality, with the proper appearance, within a reasonable and acceptable time frame
  • Demonstrate the ability to follow instructions and policies that can be given either orally or in writing


  • Must demonstrate an excellent ability to work in a “team” environment and share knowledge of discipline-specific work in both a vertical (up and down the org chart) and horizontal (across disciplines and departments) orientation.
  • Must demonstrate an ability to make well-formed, rational decisions and problem-solving skills within organizational policies and procedures.
  • This position has no direct reports.


Decisions for materials, level of quality, timelines, will be made by Millwork Manager and Design Engineers with input from CNC department. It is the responsibility of the CNC Programmer Operator to decide when tooling, maintenance, or quality concerns need to be addressed.


Must possess and demonstrate the ability to communicate verbally and in writing positively and effectively with employees, co-workers, suppliers, and vendors.


Associate degree or 2-year technical diploma desired, but equivalent years of experience in a related field will be considered.


  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in the CNC production and Design Engineering field preferred
  • Clear understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of joinery design and production
  • Experience with manufacturing custom quality components from drawings and models
  • Desired software experience includes AutoCAD, Rino, MasterCAM, Albatross, and Control Editor


  • Physical strength to perform work standing, bending, squatting, kneeling
  • Ability to perform frequent lifting of materials up to 50lbs
  • Ability to work in and around loud noise
  • Ability to work in both office and production environments


This description is a general summary of the required skills and major duties and responsibilities of the position. It does not exclude other duties as assigned.

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