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Classic Motor Yacht Needs a Custom Cradle

Customer Need
CANIM, a 96-foot motor yacht, was built in 1930 at Lake Union Drydocks, Seattle, WA. Designed by Ted Geary in 1928-1930 as one of eight vessels of her class, all which are still in service today. CANIM has been outfitted to pay homage to her past as well as cater to the modern realm. Her owner, a seasoned yachtsman, needed to find a shipyard that was able to lift this stunning classic yacht from the water and position her in a secure area for routine maintenance and repairs. It was important to the owner to work with a shipyard that understood his requirements and shared his passion.  Included in his mix of criteria was a shipyard with a respected reputation for highly skilled, experienced craftsmen that encouraged creative problem solving.

Burger’s craftsmen fabricated a custom designed steel cradle that was lowered into the Manitowoc River using Burger’s 500 Metric Ton Marine Travelift®. Designed specifically to lift CANIM, the custom cradle would securely safeguard the yacht by lifting her keel without applying strap pressure to the hull.

Burger successfully lifted CANIM using her custom made cradle. She was inspected and serviced by Burger’s artisan carpenters, shipwrights and mechanics along with the dedicated crew from CANIM. The owner was thrilled with the results and continues to be a long time advocate of Burger. While sharing stories with the Burger team, the owner was impressed by their sincere passion and dedication for classic yachts along with their wealth of knowledge of the yachting industry. CANIM’s crew found the local area very enjoyable while discovering unique shops and restaurants, many of which are conveniently located near Burger’s shipyard.

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